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Our Team

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Dr. Perpetua Nwosu, MBBS, MRCGP, CCFP
Medical Director

Dr. Perpetua Nkechi Nwosu who has over15 years of experience in healthcare spanning across different continents. Her experience is one that will position Perpetual Health Centre as one of the best health Centre's in Victoria. This makes her and her appointed officers the best candidates to start a health Centre of this nature in Victoria. It is Dr Pep Nwosu's hope thPerpetual Health Centre will quickly gain reputation as a premier health care consultation and service Centre within and beyond Victoria.


Jennifer Wear
Registered Nurse


Jennifer brings 30+ years of nursing experience to our team.  She has experience in Family Practice, Community Care,  Management, and Long Term Care with a specialty in Geriatrics, and has shifted her focus into Primary Care in Family Practice in the last 4 years.


With a passion for health promotion, she has a desire to provide education to clients so they can participate in their own health and wellness and make informed choices regarding their healthcare.  She provides trauma-informed care in all interactions and is true advocate for people she works with.  Her goal is to provide compassionate, supportive, and integrative care for every client.


Jennifer enjoys spending time in nature daily for activities like hiking, walking and beach-time!  Lots of things keep her busy like crafting, exercise/fitness, nutrition, spiritual fitness, music/concerts, and gardening.


Nneka Iheagwara
Medical Office Administrator


Dr. Nneka is a diligent and dedicated medical professional, with great attention to details and has strong interest in making sure that patients are properly taken care of.

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