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Executive Summary

Perpetual Health Centre is a new organization registered in BC that aims to provide a valuable and highly sought-after medical service to a growing population of patients with no access to longitudinal care in Victoria. We aim to focus on chronic disease management and to provide on-going care to the most vulnerable in Victoria. We are also mindful of the changes that come frequently with health care and with that in mind, Perpetual Health Centre is being set up to take advantage of 21st century technology in health care to meet the health needs of our community in Victoria. Perpetual Health Centre will succeed by providing patient centered care to our clients and their families through an otherwise difficult time in their lives. Perpetual Health Centre will coordinate and manage service provisions in a way that patients registered with us will have access to health care services when needed.

Our Mission

To treat/value patients as people, to be moved by their health needs, and to be by their side on their difficult and life-changing journeys.


To provide a patient centered health care, motivated by the understanding that

health is life and that with our good health care offerings, our patients will be empowered to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Vision

  • Perpetual Health Centre will provide high quality and comprehensive healthcare services to all our patients

  • A good in and out of hours care for all our patients, carers and their families

  • Patient and carers involved in decision making and participating as partners

  • Greater use of Technology to drive innovation and improve health care services

  • Community led research, development and quality improvement in healthcare services

  • An expanded, skilled, resilient and adaptable family medicine workforce


Maintain and run a general medical clinic that adequately treat and mange medical conditions in an appropriate and timely manner.

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