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Outpatient  chemicla dependancy day treatment program - 

This is a 4hrs/day, 5 days a week program group and individual case management and counselling program.

Included is initial assesment, blood work, urine drug screen testing and breathalyzer testing where appropriate.

Fee is $2500/week with recomended minimum of 4 weeks treatment.

Individual counselling -
Certified addictions and mental health councellor (150/hour)

Social worker with clinical master's degree (fee $200/hour).

By a clinical psychologist (fee $300/hour).

MD ($450/hour)

Cravings releif with neuromodulation (Nuraleve tDCS)
Includes and addictions /mental health assessment including blood work, pre-screening for tDCS treatment and 10 one half hour neuromodulation and education sessions over two weeks.

Fee - $3500

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