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Menopause changes can be a confusing and isolating time for most women. Given the mixed messages about menopause, its numerous and varying presentations and the impact of the symptoms on women, finding help during this period can be challenging.

For some women, going through menopause is a time of reflection, a time some women start to think about their overall health and an opportunity for women to check in and re-assess their health needs.

This is the time to empower women with knowledge to take control of their health and thrive. 

Our goal is to demystify menopause, raise awareness of the menopausal symptoms, and support women through their menopause transition with evidence-based information and personalised care. Why many women receive menopause treatment from their Family Physician, many say they need more input that cannot be provided under MSP coverage.  While MSP attempts to improve coverage for women's health, it is still a challenge to provide the level of resources, time and choice that can be given at a private clinic. At Perpetual Health Centre, we have the benefit of time to fully assess your needs, symptoms including your medical and family history. We also have the time to explore other contributory factors which could be exacerbating your symptoms. 

Our initial consultation fee is $480 for 45mins

The very first consultation is the most important. Over 45 minutes, we’ll listen to your story and take a comprehensive medical history. We will talk through your symptoms, arrange any necessary tests, and discuss a range of evidence-based treatment options.

We will have a personalised holistic menopause treatment plan that’s right for you.

The fee includes 2 follow up emails within 2 months for any question you may have about your treatment.

Additional email is charged at $85 per email

Follow-up Consultation: $250

The second consultation usually takes place three months after the initial consultation and lasts for 25 minutes. You can book earlier if you prefer and you can also book 45mins appointment if you feel you need more time.  

At this appointment, we will check in on your progress and how you’re responding to your treatment plan, make treatment adjustments we think are necessary and discuss any additional tests that might be required.


Blood Test:
Blood test are paid privately and ran at LifeLabs. Test results are usually back within 48 hrs and a consultation will be needed to discuss these, as well as your treatment plan and prescription.

Price for the tests are as per LifeLabs

Types of Blood Test

Female Hormone Check Blood Test - A hormone check which includes LH, FSH, oestradiol, total testosterone and thyroid function.

Menopause check blood test - This measures LH, FSH, oestradiol, prolactin and thyroid function.

Oestradiol blood test - An oestradiol only check which can be helpful in assessing absorption of your HRT.

Vitamin D (25OH) blood test​ - This checks your vitamin D levels, an essential nutrient for maintaining strong bones, healthy immune function and mood – all really important for menopausal women.

Testosterone blood test - This test measures your testosterone level, which is important for maintaining your libido (sex drive). This is checked before starting testosterone replacement and then rechecked while you are taking it.

Well woman advance test - This test is to understand your overall health by examining biomarkers in your body.


Initial consultation cost: $480 for 45mins (include 2 follow up emails)

Additional Email followup cost: $85 per email

Follow-up Consultation: $250 ( every 6 months per annum)

Note: Once treatment is optimised, subsequent visits will be charged as Walk-In

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