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Behavioural Health

At Perpetual Health Centre, we believe in caring for the whole person.

Behavioural health refers to the emotions, behaviours, and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being. Behavioural health issues such as ADHD, anxiety and depression, substance related disorders, and situational stressors such as relational issues, loss and life change can affect a person’s overall health and ability to function in everyday life.


Our program
Perpetual Health Centre’s behavioural health services are integrated into our primary care clinics. Patients can refer themselves directly into the Behavioural Health Program.

Our program includes visits with a behavioural health care manager at the clinic or via telemedicine. You will be seen by a licensed independent clinical social worker or licensed mental health counsellor with specific training and expertise in treating common behavioural health issues.

The average amount of time in the Behavioural Health Program is six - eight months. Most patients have two to four follow-up appointments per month. The treatment plan and goals are reviewed at each appointment.



Physician: $150/ Initial Consultation to assess patient’s needs and suitability. 

Block fee for ongoing primary care monitoring from $2500/ year is required to enroll in this program. The fee is based on complexity and time required to provide required care for the patients. Included in the fee is an annual physical health examination.

Drop in Counselling with RN/Social Worker with Mental Health experience: $80/hr. 

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