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Over 70's Care Coordination

What is an Over 70’s Coordinator?

If you are a patient aged 70 or above then you can contact our elderly over 70’s coordinator regarding any personal/social issues that you would like to discuss in confidence.

You over 70’s Coordinator will be able to support you regarding any services you may require.  They will contact you on occasion.

They can book telephone consultations and face to face consultations with the family physician and if non clinical they will be able to help you with any health/social queries.

Who Is your Coordinator?

Perpetual Health Centre Practice’s Over 70’s Coordinator is Registered Nurse Jennifer Wear.

How to contact your coordinator?

You can contact your coordinator on the practice telephone number which is:

2505951363 and ask for Jennifer.


Over 70’s Care Review

Perpetual Health Centre offers an Over 70’s Care review which consists of the following:

  • Medication Review

  • Health Check

  • Memory Assessment

  • Assessment for Dementia

  • Falls

  • Preferred place of care

  • Special Requirements

  • End of Life Preferences


Service Cost: $2,500 per annum (include 1 year follow up
One-off Service Cost: $530 (Subsequent follow up will be charged as Walk In.

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