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Telemedicine is secure and easy to use. You will see and speak to a provider using video conferencing technology if needed.

What you’ll need:
•    A smartphone, computer or tablet with a forward facing camera and microphone
•    Ability to receive a text message or email
•    A good internet connection
Browser Tip: Use Chrome or Safari. Do not use Explorer.


When to use telemedicine:
•    Mild cases of cold, cough, sore throat, sinus infections, vomiting, diarrhoea, other infections, etc. (especially if you are otherwise healthy)
•    Mild cases of back pain, sprain, strain, or bruising
•    Mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety
•    Routine follow-up visits for chronic conditions
•    Routine medication review
•    Medical goal setting or advanced care planning

Please note:

Your provider will determine if your specific medical concern is appropriate for telemedicine.

Visits that are not appropriate for telemedicine:
These visits typically require a physical exam, which must be done in person.
•    First intake appointment for registered clients  
•    WorkSafe BC or ICBC visits

•    Complex or severe injuries
•    Severe infections
•    Other complex or severe medical issues that require an in-person evaluation


Telemedicine visits are billed at; 

  • Physician: $130/consult

  • Registered Nurse: $85/Consultation

There may be times when a telemedicine visit needs to be converted to an in-office visit.

In these instances, the different in payment will be applied.

If seen by the nurse and recommendation is made to see a physician, the difference in payment with be applied.


Walk-In Cost:
Physician: $130 per consultation

Nurse: $85 per consultation

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