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Private Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services in Victoria, British Columbia 

Welcome to our private mental health and addiction day treatment centre. 


The centre is new but our staff is an experienced team of physicians, therapists, counsellors and social workers. Our services are directed by Dr. Stanley Shapiro, an experienced and compassionate, University of Toronto trained family physician and addictions specialist. 

We offer:

  • Addiction and Mental Health assessment and treatment for addiction, anxiety disorders, depression and adult ADHD

  • A day treatment program for addiction, four hours per day, five days per week with education sessions, individual and group counselling, support groups, medical assessment and follow up

  • An aftercare program

  • Individual counselling

  • A cravings relief program of ten sessions of neuromodulation (transcranial direct current stimulation) with education seminars provided concurrently. 
    The topics of the educational sessions are:How to improve brain function,

  1. Cravings

  2. Anxiety, Depression, Healing from trauma,

  3. The Power of Positive Thinking

  4. Staying Motivated,

  5. Developing a Drug-free Identity,

  6. Developing Your Personal Recovery Plan,

  7. Your Recovery Toolbox,

  8. Life-Changing Ideas in Recovery,

  9. Tips for Daily Success in Recovery,

  10. Relapse Prevention.  

Fees: All services are provided privately, by private pay, outside of MSP. All payments are expected to be made by the clients before services are provided. Fees are non-refundable. Official receipts will be provided for the service and payment. 

Addiction and Mental Health Assessment and Treatment Planning: 

  • Addiction, Anxiety disorder or Depression - $485

  • Adult ADHD - $2500

ADHD Assessment includes screening for: 

  • Symptoms of ADHD 

  • Other mental and physical health problems

  • Past trauma

  • Addiction issues

ADHD Treatment planning may include arranging treatment and /or referral for: 

  • CBT for ADHD

  • Lifestyle modification

  • Medication for ADHD

  • Special accommodation at school or work

  • Concurrent treatment of mental health, physical health, trauma and addiction issues 

  • Long-term follow up as part of our private enrollment family practice.                                                                                                                

Our addiction day treatment program - 

This is a 4 hour per day, 5 days a week program of group educational seminars, counselling and support and individual counselling and case management. Included is an initial assessment and treatment plan, blood work, urine drug screen and breathalyzer test where appropriate.

Fee: is $2500/week with recommended minimum of 4 weeks treatment.

Individual counselling by a:

Certified addictions and mental health counselor - $150/hour

Social worker with clinical master's degree - $200/hour

By a clinical psychologist - fee $300/hour

By an MD $450/hour

Craving relief with neuromodulation (Nuraleve tDCS) program which Includes an addictions and mental health assessment including blood work and pre-screening for tDCS treatment. Followed by ten one half hour neuromodulation and education sessions over two weeks.

Fee is $3500


Our aftercare program - A one hour per day, 5 days per week, Monday to Friday, group aftercare program available in person or virtually.

Participants in the day treatment program will also be in attendance.

The fee is $5000 for a minimum of 50 sessions. The fee includes attendance up to 75 sessions within 6 months of enrolment.

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