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Dr. Pep Nwosu, 
Medical Director

Enrollment is now open to our private pay family practice


We invite new patients to enroll in our comprehensive private pay family practice that operates outside of MSP. 


Our family practice is directed by Dr. Pep Nwosu, an experienced, compassionate and energetic family physician.


Enrolling in our family practice provides you with:

  • Comprehensive family practice medical care including annual physical, preventative health care, chronic disease management and urgent walk-in care for minor illness care.

  • Access to a family physician when required by you.

  • 24 hours to connect with a family physician for urgent primary care concerns which are not appropriate for ER.

  • Maximum 72 hours to see a family physician.

  • Out of hours service available via initial telephone triage.

  • A yearly physical assessment.

  • Initial blood test checking - Additional blood tests and all diagnostic tests will be paid privately by the client.


Our annual enrolment fees are based on whether you have simple or complex medical issues. Fees are reduced for families with younger children under 14 years of age.

Non-Complex Client - $2500 /year/client

Complex Client - $3500 /year/client 

Family with children under 14 years - $5000/yearly

All payments are expected to be made by the clients before services are provided. Fees are non-refundable. 

The annual enrolment fee is charged yearly per patient.You can choose to withdraw membership at the end of each year.

Official receipts will be provided for the service and payment. 

Call or visit our website for more information and to book a pre-enrollment appointment.

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