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We are an experienced team of family physicians and allied health professionals who provide:

  • A patient centred approach to care

  • Holistic care for both your physical and mental health 

  • Timely appointments

  • 24 hours availability to our enrolled clients, in person or virtually.


Primary care focus:

  • We are trained and experienced physicians who have left the public funded service to be able to provide timely, convenient and patient centred care.

  • We believe that access to a family physician for physical and mental health issues should not be on a waitlist basis.

  • We believe that you should be able to go about your daily life without having to worry about your lack of access to a family doctor and if you have a family doctor whether you will be able to visit your family doctor in a timely fashion.


Addiction and mental health focus:


We understand the impact that addiction and mental health issues are having on you and your friends and family.

We hope to provide you with the recovery tools you will need to succeed in your recovery in  a positive, supportive therapeutic environment. There is no falling through the cracks for those who are registered with us.

  • Our services are provided by an experienced and compassionate team of healthcare professionals.

  • Our team includes an addiction physician, a family doctor, social workers and therapists.

  • Care is individualized and confidential with no waiting list. 

    We offer:

  • Private pay assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, addiction and ADHD.

  • A four hour per day addiction day treatment program with MDs and therapists

  • An addictions aftercare program, daily, in person and virtual

  • Individual and group therapy using the most effective modalities - CBT, DBT, Trauma focused therapy, grief counselling

  • Medical monitoring of medications for addiction and mental health problems

  • A alcohol and drugs cravings relief program with tDCS (transcranial direct current simulation) and simultaneous educational sessions -10 sessions over 10 days

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