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For patients with stable chronic disease who are not enrolled in our family practice 

The fee for initial assessment is $250 followed by a monthly direct payment of $50 per month.

This is a yearly membership service for the sole purpose of medication renewal. If other concerns arise, you will be required to pay the appropriate fees. This service does not make you an enrolled family practice client of the clinic. 

This service is most suitable for clients with stable health conditions who do not have a family doctor or who have a family physician but are unable to obtain access to their physician in a timely manner. 

 If you have no family doctor, you are welcome to enroll as a client of our family practice which is private pay, outside of MSP,                                                                                          

You must provide the clinic with an up-to-date physical assessment of your current health and recent blood work. In the event that this is not available, you must be willing to undergo a physical assessment.

You may cancel this service at any time. The month of notification of cancellation will be billed.

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